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Alice and Tony, a British couple, live in Hong Kong dealing with international trading affairs.They had been married for over 8 years and never get pregnancy.They had tried 5 cycles of IVF treatments in Hong Kong but in vain. She was referred through an Obstetrician in Taipei and was 40 years old when first visited our clinic in 2012. Before coming to our clinic, she first made few phone calls and later communicated using e-mail for several times in 2 months.Thus,we knew many of their previous IVF treatments and the status of their reproductive functions.Our staff explained the details of the whole processes including travelling,accommodations, living around, and most important the IVF treatment here at our clinic through e-mail communications.


We first made sure their expected time schedule for the IVF cycle and followed thedates of two menstrual cycles. Then all the processes were arranged including the pick-up service at the Kaohsiung airport, accommodation arrangement, bank and local tours. They visited our clinic at the second day of her period and full survey including ultrasound scanning, serum hormone investigation, and semen analysis were done. As they require for IVF treatment as soon as possible, our counsellor explained the process of IVF treatment at our clinic. They were accompanied by one of our staff for half day tour in Tainan, the time also required for waiting the results of serum hormone assay. During the time, they knew the public transportation system in Tainan, visited tourism information center, and enjoyed several delicious Tainan cuisines.


Alice received the first gonadotropins injection at the day she visited our clinic and Tony flew back HK for his trading business. We employed the intermittent injections of gonadotropins once every 3-4 days as miniIVF for her. Thus, she could travelling around Taiwan and coming back as scheduled date for follow up of follicular growth and receiving additional hormone injections. The growth of her follicles was as expected and the date for egg retrieval was arranged. Tony came again the day before the egg retrieval to provide his semen for the in vitro fertilization. There were 8 eggs collected during the egg retrieval and ICSI was performed to get 6 fertilized preembryos. Three good cleavage stage embryos were replaced back to her uterine cavity at third day of egg retrieval. She flew back to HK at the second day after embryo transfer and progesterone supplements were given for 12 days to the date to check for pregnancy. The IVF treatment was successful and there were twin pregnancies. The antenatal status was smooth as said and she gave birth to a baby boy and a baby girl in HK. They used to send photos of the whole family to us and they thanks to all staffs in our clinic.



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